Thursday, December 29, 2016

Nothing to do around here...

Thursday, December 29, 2016
Hey Tweebies! I have nothing to do around here. It's making me bored. I want to sleep. (-_-)zzz
But wait! There are some things that I could do. I just came up with the perfect solution! Watch Invader Zim! It is not my absolute favourite, though. My absolute favourite is Steven Universe. But who cares? It doesn't matter what my favourite TV show is. I can still watch Invader Zim on the iPad!
I can't watch it on the TV because it's not airing on the TV anymore. Excuse me as I go watch my second favourite TV show.
I'm back! I didn't watch Invader Zim on my iPad, though. I just watched some random Deviantart Cringe videos. I also watched rants on SuperUndertale by Endergirl1212, RinnyRobin, and Carl the Vampire Cupcake. They really talked some sense into this SuperUndertale person.  Anyway, I wish I could actually do things around here. My new house is very boring. (I just moved into a new house.)
Well, that's all for now, Tweebies. See you later! (^_^)
Tweebie friends forever,
lolka12 (TweebieLife founder)

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