Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Youtubers I Recommend

Wednesday, December 28, 2016
Hey Tweebies! Don't know what to watch? I've got all the answers. Just go to YouTube (a.k.a the home of viral videos) and type in these names:
1. brittyy44. She is my favourite channel to watch if I am ever bored. She tells creepy stories and plays paranormal games. Check her channel out!
2. AllAboutMeep. AllAboutMeep is super funny and makes skits that will make you laugh. I suggest going to her channel if you want to have a good laugh. Give AllAboutMeep's channel a try!
3. Echo Gillette. She is cool and does awesome sketchbook tours. Most of the drawings were kind of dark if you ask me, but very cool. Check her channel out.
4. Constructive Criticism. I like watching their channel because all of the funny critique they gave to the other people. It seemed mean when I heard it, but I must've forgotten that it wasn't meant to harass people. Anyway, this channel is good. Very good.
Well, that's all for now, Tweebies. I am very sad to stop typing. (T-T) But I must actually do something instead of wasting my time instead of blogging all day! Remember to read this post to become a Tweebie!
No hate and no critique!
Tweebie friends forever,
lolka12 (TweebieLife founder)
P.S: I forgot to say: Go check out Endergirl1212. She's also cool.

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